Act 1, Heroic: "The Flames of Harken"

Flaming Farmstead

Hi everyone! If you happen to pick up this journal and decide to give it a lookie-look you should know that the person who’s writing you’re reading is named Calm…Calm Starlily, if you want to be exact. I am just a simple halfling who grew up, like a lot of halflings, in the Harkenwold. A little bitty village called Hinlen, in fact. Like most halflings, I have lots of good fun and good friends in my community. My closest Dalindor Rodnilad (a strange little gnome I used to go to school with), Corrin Halfmoon (the son of the mayor, but so lazy and disinterested that his father despairs of him ever taking over the family business of running the local inn), and my BEST friend, Callie Hobblegarden. I went to school with all of them, but I have been running around with Callie in her father’s temple since we both were really little. Callie is the son of the local priest, Philotomy (or Phil, as most of us call him). She is super-energetic about spreading the cause of Justice and stamping out any evildoers we find. It’s great to see her father support her so much. Together anything tainted would find a hard time getting past those two. I try to help them as much as I can.

The day began as any other might have. I woke up and helped my family out with the chores on our farm. There wasn’t too much to do, as it wasn’t quite harvest season yet and so I got done around noon or so. I decided to hop on over to the main part of town and see if I could interest Callie into doing something together so I washed off and downtown I went. On the way to the temple, I say Thera in the middle of the town square, going on about something or other. She is a rabble-rouser and always has something to say about what’s going on around town. I ran in to the temple to grab Callie and together we went outside and listened to her. Most of the time her rants were entertainment but not particularly alarming. Today, however, we found out that one of the local farms had almost been burned down by someone or something! Being on the edge of the southern forest in the Harkenwold, we get our share of bandits and marauders and such, occasionally. But there had been two farms burned to the ground and someone had tried to burn Farmer Olsten’s place down twice already! As the crowd started dispersing, I spotted Dalindor and Corrin listening as well. Together we decided that something had to be done about the serial arsonist let loose in our village. We set out a little bit later, deciding to camp out at Farmer Olsten’s to see if we could catch the fire-setters in the act.

After awhile, our efforts were rewarded! We saw a small glow, almost like a fire, begin in one of the corners of the barn. Once everyone was awoken, we rushed outside and discovered a group of strange creatures. Not burglars or halfings, but goblins and strange frog-like beings (which I knew to be Bullywogs) had been setting these flames. After a vicious but not too drawn-out battle, we managed to defeat the group. On inspecting the bodies, I found symbols of both the Stinkeye Tribe (a Bullywog tribe) and the Skullkickers (a large group of goblins). I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but it seems very strange to me that the Bullywogs are working with the goblins. Bullywogs normally avoid every other race with a paranoid fear. I have never heard of them banding with another race other than themselves in an attack. I think it is worth looking into, at least. Once I told the others of my suspicions, we decided to head back the next day and check out the area. We quickly got rid of the bodies, throwing them into a small river that runs through Farmer Olstens land. We also managed to put out the fire quickly and, thankfully, saved Farmer Olsten’s barn. We then took advantage of the kindness of Farmer Olsten and slept the rest of the night in the hayloft of his barn. Tomorrow we shall search for further clues…

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